Google beat me to it


Recently I thought I had a “million dollar idea,” but it turns out it already exists. Google beat me to it. Well, sort of. Originally I had the idea for a phone application that when the user takes a photo of an object they want to purchase, the application will find it. This came to me after I saw a girl wearing a dress that I just absolutely loved. It would have been so amazing if I could have just snapped a picture and found out where I could purchase it and for how much. However, after talking to some people about my idea they introduced me to Google Goggles.

Currently this is an application for Androids and iPhones (although I can’t find it in the iPhone app store). Originally it was created to identify virtually anything. However, currently it mostly identifies things such as landmarks or barcodes. There are hopes that it will soon also identify trees and leaves.

Although my original thought had much more of a consumer slant, I still think it’s a pretty cool idea. After reading up a little more, it seems other businesses are catching onto this trend as well. Amazon has even created their own application called Flow, which recognizes tens of millions of products. I wish I could claim to be the first to have had this idea, but I guess for now I’ll just watch where the real conceptualizers are able to take this.


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