HTML 5 review in an infographic


One of my favorite projects so far this year was the infographics we made in Flash. Recently infographics have begun to enamor me. Not only is the information presented in an interesting way, but the design of them is so crucial as well. I was sure to look at many infographics before I started my own, but think that I have learned more after creating my own.

Recently I found an interesting infographic that tries to explain what HTML 5 is, and what changes have been made to it. It’s very crisp and clean, but isn’t as visually exhilarating as some that I’ve seen in the past. One of my favorite parts of this infographic is at the bottom where Flash and HTML 5 are compared. It compares the two based off of price, which is more powerful, used more, and more efficient. Another interesting area is where is tries to compare different Internet browsers, this area is the most visually pleasing, but requires the reader to interpret the information more. Overall this is well done, but could possibly be made clearer for users.

I definitely want to create more infographics in my future. I feel that information is just so much more exciting when presented in a visually pleasing way. The person trying to understand the information is also more willing to put more time into it, rather than just reading a chart on a white sheet of paper.


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