Flash dead on TVs too


So it turns out Flash isn’t being killed on just mobile devices, but TV as well.  This news came after the announcement that Adobe will no longer support research into Flash for mobile devices. The home devices that will be most affected are HDTVs. What people have already purchased will of course be supported, but believe that supporting applications instead of web-based experience will be more beneficial. “This is another blow for Google TV which, frankly, doesn’t need any more bad news. The lack of browser-based Flash probably won’t be a deal-breaker for Google’s Android-based connected TV platform, but Google TV devices have already been selling poorly and now Google has to figure out how to go on without Flash. “ In the past Adobe and Google both saw great hope for Flash on TVs. However, now the future is much more grim.

I don’t think this news was too shocking for many people that know about Flash very much. With Apple’s disapproval, mobile Flash no longer being developed and the Google TV not doing well, it’s pretty obvious. Flash has had its “hay day, “ but now needs to “step aside” for “bigger and better” things. It seems Jobs knew all along Flash wasn’t the way to go.


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