HTML5 in “post-Flash” era


This week I read a news article about the future of HTML5 now that Flash is now no longer being developed for mobile applications. It discusses the importance Flash has had, but also discusses the role it will now have. The article says, “Our use of the phrase “post-Flash” isn’t intended to mean that Flash is dead or going to die soon. We simply mean that it’s no longer essential to experiencing the full Web.” The article goes on to discuss that the HTML5 fallback experiences of sites that have a lot of Flash often aren’t as good, but this is quickly becoming less so.

In the context of video, HTML5 delivers much better integration with page content than Flash does. Due to the standardization and open systems, more people and smaller companies are able to put up just as much content as a large organization. This open source is giving people power who wouldn’t have it otherwise, and this seems to be a growing trend.

I’m interested to keep learning both about the future of HTML5 as well as a growing number of open source products. The Internet is continuing to become more expansive and giving people power through it fascinates me.


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