Flash 11


Adobe recently said they will be releasing Flash 11 in October. This new version will provide “console-like quality” and run over 1,000 times faster. One of the main reasons for this release will be to improve games and performance for the Android phone.

I know this sounds stupid, but having grown up on Mac products my entire life, I sometimes forget about “the other guy.” I feel that I’m so surrounded by people with the iPhone I often forget how much of the market other Smartphones like the Android make up. In fact, the Android makes up forty percent of the market! Compared to twenty-eight percent for Apple, the Android is definitely winning.

Continually improving flash (especially for a device with the majority of the market) is important and keeps my optimistic about the future of Flash. The capabilities are quickly expanding and becoming more sophisticated beyond what they already are. As my skills with Flash are also expanding each week, I’m excited about expanding things I’ll be able to create.


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