Second Thoughts on Online Privacy


As a social media user (well just a person in general) without much to hide, I’ve never really had an issue with privacy settings on the social network sites I use. I keep posts and photographs usually limited to what I’d want somebody like my mother to see and am not an extremist in politics or a special cause. In fact, I don’t think I’ve thought about (or thought I needed to think about) my privacy on these sites very often. However, after reading several articles and listening to Eva Galperic speak, the role of privacy definitely interests me more.

Earlier this week I asked a question pertaining to if people’s lives will eventually become too public. It seems that nearly everything everybody does anymore can be traced and is kept track of. I think this relates directly to what people post, but also to privacy settings.

Everybody knows that person or two that just goes too far. They post far too much revealing information (literally for the world to see). So, I think the point of social media sites becoming too public has been reached for some, but for others maybe not yet. I think that there are still people out there (possibly me for example) that don’t expose their life for the world to see. People are making nearly their entire world public, but not everybody. However, I do think that it is heading that way. I think that sooner (rather than later) that everything will be so interconnected that everybody’s lives will be exposed (even if they’re not the ones doing it). It’s becoming harder and harder for people to not only communicate, but also do things like find a job without being a part of a social media network.

Privacy settings (or the lack there of) are also making people’s lives far too public. These giant social media companies are selling off information on people which is inevitably allowing everyone to know everything about you. Companies are making millions without real consent and usually without people’s knowledge.

When I am able to step out of this issue and look in, I am now able to see how important it is. Even if I’m not the one posting everything about my life, it’s still getting out there. I am also able to see the ramifications for those who are. Being from the United States I’m extremely spoiled. In this country I have the freedom to write whatever I want (even if it’s getting sold down the line), but many other people don’t. Although the United States get’s a lot of heckling for some of the privacy that is lacking, it is still so much better than in other countries.

To what extent social media networks will eventually grow is unknown. It is known that we are lacking important privacy setting in them, and it’s only going to get worse. People’s lives are on display for everybody and anybody to see (often times not even by choice).


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