Code and Remix complexities


After reading sections of Lawrence Lessig’s Code and Remix, I feel that I am better prepared to answer the questions I posed earlier in the week about Code. I also feel that I have a better understanding of the Internet (and who controls/ regulates it), but also abnormal (or hybrid) forms of Internet companies and how they differ from the “norm.”

Much of the beginning of Code discusses Internet regulation and who should regulate it. I asked earlier to what degree should the government be involved, and if not who would regulate it then? In my opinion I think that the Internet definitely has to be regulated and often the regulator that makes the most sense is the government. It is the hope that different government are working with the best intentions for its’ citizens (even though this is sometimes not the case). However, I also don’t think that the government should be all controlling. The Internet is a very powerful tool. A tool that I think the citizens should have the freedom to do mostly what they want with it.

The second question I posed related well to the regulations of the Internet. How do certain regulations come into play when countries have different views on freedoms such as speech? Who’s to say China or North Korea are wrong? I don’t believe that there is an “all knowing” ideal for those who use the Internet. Every country has different customs and beliefs and I think that regulations set by the government should reflect these to an extent. I do believe that the Internet can be a good resource to voice differing and valuable opinions, so I don’t think this right should be taken away. Erasing pieces of history like China has done with Tiananmen Square, however, I think is an abuse of power. Having too stringent regulations like China and North Korea both have, I don’t think is right.

My third question is a question that I’ve struggled with for a long time and relates to how creativity should be regulated and to what point does copyright go too far. Creativity can be truly amazing and be extremely powerful. Some of the most creative people though often think differently and even radically at times. When creativity comes into contact with the Internet I think there should be pretty much free rain with some regulations. I also think that copyright has begun to detur creativity and is being taken too far. By having too many laws and regulations we are holding creativity back and not sharing. The idea of hybrid websites that Lessig discussed in Remix definitely got me interested.  Many of these websites were able to do so much due to collaboration, which could have been stifled if too many regulations such as copyright were involved.

Regulations, copyrights, creativity and the Internet in its’ entirety is complicated. Reading excerpts from readings like Lessig’s Code and Remix though are helping me to form my opinions of some of the issues.


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