You are not a gadget questions


While trying to wade through You are Not a Gadget, I found myself thinking about concepts I had never previously considered. Chapter 1 brought insight, confusion, and a few questions:

Standardization has proven to positively affect efficiency. If the WWW were to take away some of the standardizations it uses, how will this change the internet and still have it be standardized?

Near the end of¬† chapter 1 Lanier suggests some “what we can each do” ideas to combat some of the problems he mentions in the book. My question is what would these suggestions really change on a large scale? He seems to be attacking several broad and enormous problems he sees with the internet, but these suggestions seem very minute in comparison.

As the internet’s availability is expanding greatly, how will some of the things Lanier disagrees with affect the new users? I feel that the internet can be as simple or as complicated as the user makes it, would this change?


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