Here Comes Everybody Questions


After having read the first chapter and some of the reviews of Here Comes Everybody, I’m very interested in the book, but am also left with many questions. Shirky seems to take a very positive view on the emerging technology and the way people use it. I’m also excited for this, but also left thinking about some of the negative consequences.

In the first chapter he discusses the wide variety of groups forming, but is there a time when there is a limit? Is it possible that by aligning ourselves with so many groups that we have segmented ourselves too much?

My second question came about when Shirky was describing some of the absurd posts that were made on the bulletin board about the cell phone and when he discusses how many of these groups alleviate managers. Should boundaries be set and should there be atleast one manager making sure that these groups remain for their stated purpose?

My third question is are there any negatives to having so many groups? Are we just adding another layer to our already complicated lives?


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