The future of Flash seems shaky (kind of like my skills)


Before entering into Elon’s iMedia program I had never attempted to use Flash before. Since the beginning of the program we’ve had a “love hate relationship” ever since. I find what I’m learning very fascinating and love being able to interact with something that I’ve just created. However, there are so many little details that I often get lost in. I imagine these triumphant assignments, but when I turn them in, they’re not even close to what I imagined. I’m going to stay optimistic though and hope that my skills improve and I am able to create some pretty cool things.

Another thing I want to stay optimistic about is the future of Flash. Recently I’ve been hearing many rumors about the fate of Flash (and many of them haven’t been so good). This past week, however, there was some positive promising news. Apple has agreed to let Flash be compatible with its’ iPhones, iPads, and iPods. This seems like great news! Many people are calling Apple the “winner” however because Flash had to create the working format. I’m just happy they’re working together.

Although the future of Flash is unknown, I know that what I’m learning will be beneficial no matter what. I have a new way of looking at things and have a better understanding of how technology works. Although I’ve never been more frustrated by a program, I’m excited to see what I’m able to create!


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